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Natural Ear Ache Remedy

Last night I tried something I always wanted to … A natural home remedy for an ear ache. After two long stays at the hospital with pneumonia, our poor girl has been on her fair share of some serious rounds of antibiotics. I like to avoid them whenever possible now! I’m pleased to say, the natural remedy actually WORKED!?

natural ear ache remedy
Last evening, during dinner, she got a little whiny about her ear, which was red. This progressed to full screaming tears by 6pm. I researched some remedies and wanted to give something a try before we went running to the clinic. I found this one…. Here’s so site to give you the medical reasoning of why this works. Basically, it helps with the inflammation.
I chose to use the onion juice method. Poor girl, this is the last thing she wanted us to do!! But we got a few drops of juice in her ear. First, I baked an onion with its skin on at 375 for about 20-30 minutes. With oven mitts and a fork I poked and squished the onion to get a tsp of juice out. I tasted it to make sure it was cooked (the raw juice could burn their ear, ouch). I put the container of juice in a hot water bath for a little while I heat it up to body temperature. The warmth helps sooth the ear and ease inflammation. I then dropped two drops of the liquid in her ear with a teaspoon.
After the drops were in, I massaged her glands. I could feel them (hers were swollen) just below her ear lobe, then massaged them down towards her chin in the ridge behind her jaw bone. I did that for a while to help clear out the trapped fluid and relieve pain. I then put a warm compress (or you could use a wet cloth) on her ear and glands to help ease pain.
Literally three minutes later she said the pain was gone!!? She went to bed, with the heating bag for comfort and never woke the rest of the night and was chipper the following day. Yahoo, no antibiotics! The next day she did have a dirty ear. I am not sure if it was the onion juice coming out or whatever was irritating her ear. Yuck.
As always, use this with caution and talk to your doctor if you are skeptical. Please, let me know in the comments if you have had any success using natural remedies. I have heard great things about essential oils that I would like to look into!