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Mother’s Day Gifts and printable tags

Are you ready for Mother’s Day!? I collected a few blog sites that had some cute last minute free printable gift tags and gift ideas that I thought would be helpful for those who were a little behind. No, not you.

I printed cute tags from Hand Made in the Heartland and attached them to pots of rosest. I think it looks quite cute. I attached the tissue with raffia, which I have a big spool of and use all the time.
I hope all you Moms have a relaxing day on Sunday!

Mother's Day Gift Tag DSC_0457

mother's day gifts and printable tags










Being Thankful: Printable

Recently, my daughter spent some time in the hospital. It’s such a negative time for children. A lot of blood work, IV’s, X-rays and ultrasounds and even more crying. Yet, my husband, daughter, and I left feeling positive!? We were so impressed with all the staff we met, from the Child Life specialist bringing her a DVD player while she went for testing (what a life saver!) and doing play therapy with her to reduce her anxiety around the IV. The Pediatrician who worked with her was so positive and kind and the RN’s spent so much time to try to make her feel  comfortable and at ease with the whole experience.

Thank you printable - Heart of a Farm Girl BlogWith all this, we wanted to show our thanks. I found a great, general, thank you printable on Jasey’s blog that worked really well. I like it because it is gender neutral, easy, and who wouldn’t want a coffee pick-me-up during their 12 hour shift!? I also liked that it is prepackaged and has a long shelf life, so it won’t be thrown out if not eaten with in a few hours.

Thanks a latte printable

I printed the thank-you’s out, attached the note to the bottles of Frappuccinos (from Costco) with some raffia and put them in a green tray from the dollar-store, easy! Thank you, Jasey from Jasey’s Crazy Daisy for sharing with us!

I will be using these again and again for my daughter’s teachers, TAs in my classroom or anyone who deserves a little thank you! We even gave one to my dear friend who coaxed my stinky patient into the bath tub during our hospital stay.

Print these cuties out and spread a little love!


Super Easy DIY Baby Doll Dress

Super Easy DIY Doll Dress

Easy DIY Doll Dress.

January 14, 2014

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This is just fun. I don’t know why, but I find making Barbie and doll clothes so entertaining. They are usually epic fails, with poor Barbie’s bum hanging out because the size is all wrong, but The Little Lady and I have a good time making them together. I usually use things we have around the house, scraps of fabric and ribbon from a past craft. Once I used a camisole that was on route to the thrift store to make a nightie for Barbie which was actually quite cute!

For this outfit I used one of The Little Lady’s baby shirts that I really didn’t want to donate but I couldn’t justify keeping ANOTHER outfit because it was so cute. We turned it into a dress for her baby that I was having a hard time finding clothes for. It is by-far the easiest and most fool proof way to make an outfit that I have experimented with. If you have a sewing machine and an old shirt, you can make this!

I found using a shirt that was gathered across her chest worked best to turn into a doll dress. Looks much more interesting and this type of little girl shirt is really common!

Easy DIY Doll Dress! Heart of a Farm Girl

  1. Turn the shirt inside out and pin around the edges to the size of the baby doll.

  2. Take the shirt off the doll and sew around the edges, take the pins out as you sew so the needle doesn’t break! (or so my mom tells me… ) Make sure to do a forward and backward stitch at the end, so secure the threads don’t come lose as easy.

  3. Cut around the stitches with ¼ inch space

  4. Done!

asy DIY Doll Dress! Heart of a Farm Girl

Little seamstress.

Little seamstress.

Have fun bringing life back to your girl’s old cloths!


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