About Kristin


Welcome to my VERY new blog! I’m Kristin from BC Canada, where I raise two gorgeous children, snuggle my broad-shouldered husband and teach some crazy grade ones. I’m currently teaching casually and using the gift of ‘free time’ to start writing about all the things in my heart; cooking real food, raising happy & healthy babies and trying to slow down.

I’m thankful for many things in my life. Right up there with my family and my health is my circle of girlfriends. We talk about everything without judgement.  After a visit, we say goodbye with a different perspective, calmer approach or an idea for dinner.  Three years ago, we started a mommy group and called ourselves ‘Babes With Babes’ and from our ideas, support and rants  the idea for this blog came. Why not write about these brilliant topics!? Obviously, the extrovert in me loves the idea of talking to anyone who will listen, and the teacher in me wants to share everything I have learned, but more than that I truly hope this blog will bring others useful information, thoughtful inspiration and will become a community of supportive women… like my ‘Babes With Babes’. Please, I encourage you to leave comments, share insight and bring your Babes on board.

Why “Heart of a Farm Girl”?

While trying to come up with a name for the blog (which may very well have been more challenging than naming our children) I again rattled off the things I wanted to write about to my husband. We came up with a few summarizing words: fresh, natural, simple… all felt a bit bland for my liking. After hours I frantically said, “What’s a word that says I just have the heart of a farm girl?!” Ta-Dah! It sums me up perfectly.

I was fortunate to have been raised on a hobby farm. My childhood memories are filled with the joys of being filthy, hiding in ditches, collecting eggs and feeding goats. As an adult, and raising my own children, I’m now realizing how deeply I have been influenced by my childhood. Though now I live on a suburban lot I still cook, preserve, garden and have the heart of a farm girl. That… and my three-year old liked the sound of the title.


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