Pink Princess Party (Insert gag sound here)

Oh, how my daughter wanted a princess party. I ignored her request last year and went ahead with a ladybug party, but this year she wouldn’t get talked out of it. I sucked it up and went out and bought everything pink I could find. I told her there would be NO princess faces on napkins or cups. I had to draw the line somewhere. Here are a few pictures to get some ideas going if you are planning a girly party and want to avoid Disney.

Pink Princess Birthday Party

I like to serve reasonably healthy food for the little ones. Please note the store bought cake. Let’s get real Pinterest mom’s! It is a great IDEA to spend hours decorating your child’s cake the night before. I had just accepted a full-time position that week and was in no position to make the classic princess dress cake I had envisioned. So I sent the Little Lady out to choose her own cake, which was quite possibly more exciting than spending the day with an exhausted, cranky mom!

Pink Princess Birthday Party




Pink Princess Birthday Party

I had the pink organza left over from a bridal shower I hosted. I bought the feathers and jewels from a dollarstore. I made the cake stands from glue gunning a dollarstore candle holder and plate together. That glue gun never fails me.

Pink Princess Birthday Party

I ordered adorable crown shaped cookies from a local Mom who makes them from her house. Always great to support locals!… and decorating cookies is not my ‘thing’. yikes. The silver platter is from the dollarstore. And as you can imagine, is not genuine silver.

Pink Princess Birthday Party

Fruit kabobs are always handy and who doesn’t like fruit cut into heart shapes!?

Pink Princess Birthday Party




I thought I was going to cookie cut all the little sandwiches into hearts and crowns and then when I saw how much bread that I slaved away making (no, I used the bread maker) that was being wasted, I ditched that idea and cut off crusts. I wouldn’t really recommend making sandwiches. They were cute, but not the best use of my time 30 minutes before guests were to walk in the door. I usually stick with foods I can make the night before and just pull out of the fridge that day. (another reason cake decorating the night before doesn’t work for me… I do a lot the night before Like set the tables up and decorate with way too much pink)

Pink Princess Birthday Party

Yogurt in pretty little cups. I also got the plastic silver looking spoons from the dollarstore and put little sticker pearls on them. I have never seen so many children actually eat their food. One child claimed this was the best yogurt they have ever had. Don’t underestimate the power of a cute little spoon to get your children to eat!

Pink Princess Birthday Party

I set a table for the girls to eat at. Gave me another excuse to decorate something and gave them a place to decorate their crowns. (The chairs were lent to me from a friend who has two boys… it made me cringe that they were blue. But I’m not high maintenance when it comes to decorating…)

Pink Princess Birthday Party

We kept these tacky dollarstore flowers for her dress up bin. They are used for weddings all the time!

Pink Princess Birthday Party

We decorated the crowns with stick on jewels. Thank my husband for that idea. I was ready to break out the glue gun at the party. He suggested otherwise.

Pink Princess Birthday Party

Princess wand idea I got from

Pink Princess Birthday Party

Drinking cups are a little dangerous compared to juice boxes, but I thought they were cute and worth risking my carpet for. Idea loosely from

Pink Princess Birthday Party with No disney

My daughter also wanted a pinata. My husband paper mached a Mylar balloon that was the shape of a crown, then painted it to look like a crown. I filled it with with mostly non-food goodies like bracelets, stickers and pencils.

I hope you got some usable ideas!
























One thought on “Pink Princess Party (Insert gag sound here)

  1. vixenmade

    So girly and cute! I’m sure your daughter loved the princess party she was dreaming about! Great idea using glitter tape on the cups. Thanks for sharing this with me!


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